Some facets of summer that come to my mind as I sit here thinking it over.


Waking up knowing that
everything you have to do that day is
everything you want to do
and nothing else

Woodland paths that lead to happiness

Getting lost being just part of the adventure
not a problem or a hassle or
something to be scared about

Forests open for losing one's way

Friends who love you
not just in spite of but
because of your quirks

Golden lakeside afternoons

Tangled heaps of
lazy summer sleepyheads

Abandoned houses with
rust-spotted rooftops and
sprays of delicately emerald vines

Relaxing in coolness, indoors
with friends and familiy around

Teasing and poking and
general carefree merrymaking

Lowered inhibitions

Twilight and spinning and
fireflies dancing

Gentle or steady or torrential rains
or thunderstorms

Going on neighborhood walks
in suchlike conditions
singing all the while

Steam rising from the road on the way home

Falling asleep knowing that
the next day will be what you make it
that your summer is under your control
and no one else's

Words by WildGoose
Read 706 times
Written on 2009-06-12 at 20:44

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I really like this...
wow it is 4:33 I should go to bed
but this is awesome
I am glad you feel this way

How glad I
Am that you have
Permeated the
Profound surface of
Yellow and happy feelings.

that made no sense
but it is 4:35 now so that might be it

Morgan Cellohead
Kaede, it's okay - I didn't end up saying too much : )

Morgan Cellohead
Yessssssssss.............. I love it. I'll learn it. I'll live it. We'll all live it. : ) Thanks for this.

=D this is quite possibly the least enigmatic poem of yours I have ever read, which adds a lot to the feeling of openness it gives me. Morgan forbade me to 'say everything', so I'm going to stop and let him comment. =)