The importance of being important

In the grey basement of the sweetest nothings
you struggle to find that object of your own
but when the daze becomes chaotic and a million faces gaze at you
you have to make each one of them proud, and you look like a clown.

Upstairs they are throwing a party for the individuals
-you know,the ones who wear golden rings and marry wealthy hearts-
they expect you to join them in this mysticistic company
you dress your best and play your so truthful parts.

And when you drop that silver ring you were trying to hide
-accidentally it popped out of your pocket for some random reason,God!-
you lose your breath,you cannot breathe, and you know that it is over
they will execute you for not being good, that is foretold.

Next day the friends that called you every day to invite you to their gatherings
ignore you like they have never seen you before
you say to yourself that you failed, but have you really done so?
Your smile still shines,although unimportant to the world.

Poetry by Eva
Read 606 times
Written on 2009-06-14 at 20:46

Tags Society 

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