Not as good as Leonard Cohen's poem/song but it's still a tribute to a beautiful, green girl.


My mate Suzanne doesn't drive
A white van,
Or a Lotus Elan,
She gets bored
In a Henry Ford,
She looks wan
In a Nissan,
She says non
To Citroen,
And a firm no
To Renault,
She turns her back
On a Cadillac,
She won't visit Paris
In a Yaris,
She won't grace Dover
In a Rover,
Her spirits fall
In a Vauxhall,
She falls asleep
In a GM jeep,
She won't go to work
In a Merc,
She won't trouble you
In a BMW,
She won't go to Saudi
In an Audi,
Her vrrrooom is flat
In a Fiat,
About cars she doesn't fuss
'Cos she travels by bus.

Chris Fernie,2009

Poetry by Chris Fernie
Read 388 times
Written on 2009-06-22 at 15:23

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melanie sue
HA HA HA!I love reading your stuff! It more often than not, brings out the chuckles. Thanks, Chris. :)