How the Teddy Bear got its name

Proud President Roosevelt
Hunted for a bear rug or pelt,
But he rightly felt
By shooting a captured bear
He'd be targeted as unfair,
His instincts were wise indeed
For he benefited from this deed,
By sparing the little critter
His reputation became much fitter,
Not for him a withering lampoon
But a flattering newspaper cartoon,
Showing Theodore did really care
About the fate of that little bear.
Touched by this tale of compassion
A Brooklyn toymaker did quickly fashion
A fitting tribute with a name generic,
Not Theo, not George, not Eric,
But who could know the world was ready
For the birth of a bear called 'Teddy'?

Poetry by Chris Fernie
Read 410 times
Written on 2009-06-25 at 10:54

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melanie sue
I enjoyed this very well written piece. (the slight distortion of the facts, dramatizes the event even better-for it wasn't a little bear, it was a big bear). But I admire Roosevelt for not shooting the bear based on unsportsmanship. Thanks for sharing. :)