(An acrostic based on my daughters favorite story; an old story I wrote years ago about a mute boy living alone in the woods.)  

If I could hear her she would say: freedom; you are my only pirate


 Dusting the total sum of solitude, I continue     lost between two worlds. Already without a name, I return to destiny; mute.




At first I thought it might be a ghost

Now  as I touched the air I could feel the bare wind

Dense with regret


You never wanted my silence

On the day you left you drew a circle above my heart 

Underneath this last tattoo you inserted a thorn


Dreaming of the hunt I heard dogs running in their sleep

A hawk was cleaning his feathers beside me

Nesting in what I had lost

Circling above the foggy ground between  the fallen trees

Ending the dream  he stretched out his great yellow talons


When I last saw you   you were dancing

Hiding your laughter underneath your branchlike bangs 

Every night you tattooed more vines across your body

Naming each leaf with a story


You knew I would feel hope in every  singed leaf

Out here the leaves turn into powder by the lightest touch

Unborn again    without name between seasons


Allthough I could feel her  I could not hear a thing

Rustling trees and birds had all silenced

Even the beating sound of hope was gone


She had become the earth and the fire of her own blood

And I knew  that her footsteps could never be seen

Dancing as she faded into the vines       I let her go


Poetry by Emeln The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2009-06-28 at 18:57

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