Sea Storm

Metal worn on the edges
Wood splintered to its core
The ship creaks and groans
Men know not whats in store

For months and days they sailed
The wind imposed its will
One day the blue sky darkened
The air grew thick and still

The storms start was sudden
Waves crashed against the bow
Men hid themselves below
When the wind began to howl

Only the captain stayed above
To safely steer the ship
He did the best he could
To prevent an ill fated tip

All the leaning and rocking
The violent pitch and sway
Almost rolling over but
Upright the ship would stay

Two long days it lasted
One long night between
Though they survived the storm
Land was nowhere to be seen

The ship had not been sunk
But confidence was crushed
The crew would sulk and pout
Their faces always flushed

Finally water ran out
The food all nearly gone
The last man died at night
The ship arrived at dawn

Poetry by Paul Vermette
Read 612 times
Written on 2009-06-30 at 18:37

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