the water flows along soft banks of green
                awakening the sounds of nature
    as the willows tickle the waves
        while smooth stones cause ripples
              to sing to the trees

                            and i listen

                                 sitting there with myself 

                            and you

you flow over me,
the trees, the stream,
tickling the willow;
and the willow tickles me
as I sit alone, along the soft banks of green,
skipping smooth stones across the ripples

                         and i feel you

                                         blowing around me

                        and the world

this small world,
quiet and serene
along the soft banks of green
as nature awakens
and I sleep
dreaming wakeful and silent
waiting for you to caress me again

                        and i know you

                        hear you

                        feel you

as I become the water,
the breeze,
and each
small smooth stone
skipping, rippling, singing
to the trees


Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 556 times
Written on 2009-07-03 at 15:47

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This is probably one of your best yet. It is very beautiful and keep up the great writes!

Your friend,

Phyllis J. Rhodes
Ahhhh, a delicious meandering with beauty, form and grace. One of your best.

Malin Johansson
A very beautiful and so soothing poem here!!!
I could se you there in the green among the nature captured by its force!!! one special force!
Keep on writing

Mr painter
Love this great

I like the structure of this--the echoing themes, the nature motifs, and the kind of pantheistic feel of it. Nice work.