too much anger. the result of living in a chaotic country like Greece

Enough with ideologies and empty words

Go around this dirty town and find a corner to cry
then stroll around this filthy ground and find a way to die
nowadays we turn our heads around and we cannot rest
these dictators over our heads call it social unrest.

You are high and you are low,you are rich and you are poor
as if we will not all be sealed with that same old fate
longer or shorter, early or late
money will have no meaning when you'll be behind stone doors.

The democratic right to talk has become the chaos of nonsense
a thousand people with intellectual brains talk but make no sense
and then they turn around and look at an alcoholic cunt
and they say proud and loud "this is a very bad example".

Take a look at your damn mirror before you even talk
those people you truly despise hope you stumble and choke
because you left them in the gutter, kicked them over and over again
would you even be there, to listen,to realise, to understand?

If you complain about the turmoil you caused yourselves
get a brain and fix the problems without asking our help
We gave you our vote; you gave us your indifference
apathy you call it? Drown in your own nonsense!

Poetry by Eva
Read 969 times
Written on 2009-07-06 at 01:56

Tags Chaos  Politics 

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it's like that in the US too...

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
applause for your very powerful text. Keep your 'voice' loud and strong. You're thoughts show deep feeling and intelligence.