of course, I'm too young to have actually lived an incident like that, but as my parents are both lovers of the Eighties, i was brought up loving them too, so I wrote this poem.The idea with the vinyl records hit my mind this weekend.

In some old discoteque

This is a story of a forgotten lover
so if you don't want to read some light-hearted poem
I recommend you leave this page
because otherwise you're going to be filled with rage

In 1983 in a discoteque
I met a boy who loved the blues
He said he loves sweet brunettes
so we just danced and exchanged looks.

He lent me some vinyl records
the ones so rare that you barely find
the Muddy waters songs just blew my mind
I fell in love, and learnt all the chords.

After some years in my old attic
beneath some books and some forgotten memories
I found those records,and in a blink of an eye
I formed his image in my mind,and I was in tears.

So one day I knocked on his door
finding his address was a piece of cake
he was still handsome,although a bit old
but a fight with time we cannot make.

"Maureen", he said, and he kissed my cheek
this enthusiasm was rejuvenated in a single minute
He asked my news but I was in a hurry
he told me there was no need for worry.

He took his vinyl records from my hands
and put them in his old, dusty gramophone
and then,in a dizzy rock'n'roll tone
he picked me up and we danced to the song's end.

So there are beautiful moments like these
these memories I feel the need to cherish
there are people who seal your heart like this
and stay there until you perish.

Poetry by Eva
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Written on 2009-07-06 at 14:29

Tags Fun  Eighties  Dance 

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