The Lost Moonlight

All those days I was leaning on my books
trying to read between the lines
find a way,find tricks and tools
to rejuvenate your moonlight.

I used to feel it in the palms of your hands
I used to observe it in your eyes
It was the random force that enabled my pens
to improvise, to weep,to write.

And as much as I beg the sky to help me
he shuts his doors and leaves me out there
in a cold world where insticts are untamed
I am giving my own fights in the air.

So many words, so little meaning
our poetry is lost when moonlight's dead
Our hearts are barren fields,while they were once teeming
teeming with innocence,teeming with care.

A beautiful show ended with a sheer darkness
starlit skies and gods that thrive are all dead
We've lost our hope, we're lost our faithfulness
and now we're two lost souls hanging by a thread.

Poetry by Eva
Read 905 times
Written on 2009-07-07 at 12:11

Tags Sad  Love  Broken 

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Actually this is my first comment on your work, though i have read through some of your work in the past but turn a blind eye to it. But sincerely, most of your poetry is a source of inspiration to my write up and i love that. Keep it up girl, lady, mum etc. just guessing the appropriate word to address u with. GBU and lot of love....