For the Lover of Words

Hello, lover of words
I am enthralled by your fluency.
Your words mean too much
they reflect infinity.
You make love with restless syllables
and lie beneath old dirty guitars.
The chords your harmonica screams shock me
Your sexuality is lethal.
Hello,lover of all notes
pleased to meet you on my doorstep
You got a pen,you got soul
you got class and you are alone
Before you even step front and ask
I clear out I am not in this task.
I write songs no one listens to
for my voice is silenced by a handful of fools.
Lay down my bed and write a song
do not think what you've been thinking all along
Do not play "blues", do not go "jazz"
do not go "funky","reggae","rap"
Let all those rivers of your soul run free
and your inspiration shall be the mirror of integrity.
And if they put you down and accuse you of criminality
tell them you are just reaching immortality.

Poetry by Eva
Read 995 times
Written on 2009-07-08 at 19:33

Tags Music  Love  Poetry 

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