inspired by "bob dylan's dream"

The Red Kite

In my diary,after years, my love, you will find
songs I've sung, many a summer night
all those memories are covered by my heart of stone
that grew up while I grew up, and ended up alone.

It was August and the moon was glaring at me from high
and you stood right by my side and observed the starlit sky
and you turned around and looked at me with love and pride
and bragged that our love will never run sick and die.

Many a morning later,summer of '78
I saw your note handwritten on a silver plate
you were off to New Orleans, with a girl by your side
having known that you yourself have committed such a crime.

Sometimes I sit in my garden beneath the yellow sun
and remember your words and the dreams you once had
you were saying that if you went away for a long time
All I had to do is find,in the sunny sky, a red kite.

This red kite was for you the symbol of love and youth
and all I had to do is look up there and see the truth.
But now, my love, I looked up right in the sunny sky
And I see no kite nor our love thrive.

I go to the station, summer of '82
and I search all the black trains looking for you.
Just to see your scottish shirt and your ripped shoes
just to simply sit by your side and listen to old blues.

We people wonder all the time if we make mistakes
and blame ourselves for our constant heartaches.
but all we have to realise is that these are parts of life
we got to live all in its fullest before we bitterly die.

Poetry by Eva
Read 996 times
Written on 2009-07-13 at 15:43

Tags Music  Love  Death 

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This poem is inspired to say the least. Well said in appreciation of an artist. When we follow an artist we become what they are and take on charateristics, thought, attitudes, it is good to follow a good example.

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
with acceptance and recognition written so poetically in response to inspiration by the eternal Bob Dylan, death will certainly not be bitter but full of wonderment and awe.

Bob Dylan's inspiration is not wasted on you Eva.
I enjoy the story and the form.