Hanging Out the Wash to Dry

People are complexities
designed so delicately
proving that universally
all are the same so differently.

Contemplating psychologically
deep brain emotions intricately
inspire thoughts consistently
varied by a certain propensity 
for human err judgmentally.

Thus, the cosmic equality in insanity
allows the patients to run the asylum




Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 491 times
Written on 2009-07-13 at 21:10

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Phyllis J. Rhodes
Hardy Laughing Here!!
What a brain you have. This is sheer genius and so much fun!!
I'd love to hear a line by line discussion on this, say in a sophomore English-Lit class. It would get those mushy brains working on something substantial and it would be fun.

Brilliantly Kathyly!
People ought to hang out their wash more often :-)

Well I hang out
with the philosophical
and find my clothes wrinkled,
I then get out the iron
and let off steam and press awhile,
by refreshing all what was washed
out on each line.
I observe my hang outs,
ponder awhile then I think
I am glad they are washed and ironed,
removing all stains before the it was on each line.

Enjoyed the read very much.

I knew there was something funny about the white suits with the lacy arms!!! When I listen to the news, which I try my darnedest not to, it take a very short time to come to this conclusion.