In celebration of a wonderful love we found. I have reposted this so I can include it in my book, "The Misty Yearnings of Our Souls." It somehow was deleted from mine but not Michaels. This is too beautiful not to share again.

When Spring Is On The Meadows (co-write with Lastromantichero)

Oh September in Scotland rains
You brought two souls together
From cobblestones to tartan skeins
Love was alive in the autumn weather.

And burning hearts for ever longing
As the piper played on Princess street
Where tourist feet in endless thronging
Oblivion ours when these lips did meet

But so quickly time turned to our leaving
And separation at the airport gate
I, uncontrollably sighing, crying, heaving
Sad to leave you, my true soul mate

And I in tortured sadness turning
To leave you yet as jet streams flow
Waited there on runway hurting
Watched so helpless as you did go

Now we've waited six months past
Each day in patient yearning
Our love becomes a bond to last
As calendar days keep turning

And we will meet again my heart
When spring is on the meadows
And we will never ever part
As fore'er this love within us grows

In silence, there burns a fire
an ember lit many months ago
It roars and rages-- this desire
My Darling because I love you so

And until we meet again my dove
Where the mighty rivers flow
We'll find each other once more my love
Down along the falls of the Ohio

Yes we will walk hand in hand my sweet
As sunset paints the pastel skies
Paused for our yearning lips to meet
Whilst gazing into each others eyes

For there is no dearer love than this
No dream no life more beautiful
No wonder in the world like this
No music more sweet as I give my all

Just to you my love

Only you

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2009-07-14 at 20:51

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Chris Fernie
A celebratory love poem whose sentiments and charm will be shared by all the world's true lovers.

Chris x

It is indeed too beautiful not to share again Kathy. Sadness comes along with it though, but a Love that never died is here for us all to share.
Bless you.

Phyllis J. Rhodes
An incredible, moving work by two people who shared a rare love. In the telling, two hearts beat as one. It is clearly seen that your souls were melded.