The day the 'sun' landed on the moon.

Apollo Anniversary

Apollo Eleven
Went to heaven,
Three wise men
Looking for gifts
To bring back,
Photos in black
And white,
Views of Earth
Hanging in the light,
A day out on the moon,
Building dustcastles,
Planting a frigid flag,
No technical hassles,
No gravitational drag,
But America's space supremacy
Launched cries of conspiracy,
Forty earth years on
And doubts haven't gone;
On the dark side of the moon
There are those who believe
The astronauts did deceive,
That the words of the falsehood
Were: 'One small step for man,
One giant leap for Hollywood'.

Chris Fernie, 2009

Poetry by Chris Fernie
Read 678 times
Written on 2009-07-18 at 09:50

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melanie sue
I enjoyed reading this. I have heard that some think it was a hoax. Who knows? If it was, then count me among the gullible. This was such an exciting time- I was 13, maybe 14 when I saw it all on tv live for the first time.