I hope that better days will come to pass for the woman that owns my heart

Like a rose in the rain

A drop of cold water, sliding down your red check,
Winds blowing from every side
The emptiness follows, week after week,
But your will has stayed to strong to stride

In the darkest of hours, in most pain of them all
You show no one the feelings you hide
You are wearing your mask, and no tear will break through
Keep your solitude locked deep inside

Not even I saw, 'til I opened my mind
Even then was it hard to believe
That this beautiful woman, so lively and kind
Was living her life in deep grieve

But the rainiest night is bound to once end
And sunlight must one day shine through
Then I know that the smile of my beautiful rose
Will sparkle in sunshine renewed

And the light in your eyes will no longer be sealed
It will shine like the stars far above
And I hope I can walk to the day that I die,
Alongside with the woman I love

Poetry by Håvard
Read 787 times
Written on 2006-02-08 at 17:00

Tags Love  Hope  Depression 

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Mark Reynolds
wow. the poem is amazing. that could move a person to tears. good job