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All you poets gather around
it is another loud night in town
all those ladies and gentlemen,they laugh and shout
it is another forgotten night in town.

Tell your songs and cherish your stories
fairytales of fantasies hidden under your hats
drink a beer,some scottish whiskey
we are rolling around;we are turning around;this night is for us!

They wrote two songs about us loners
and create tales beneath their fingers
tales hidden in the benches of some neighborhood
it all sings and screams and laughs about
it is another sweet,raptured night in town.

Broken homes with no signs of renaissance
and miserable ladies mourning their existence
our inspiration is not a bird that sits, bored, on a tree
it is the world strolling around,it is this town, it is what you see.

All you poets with your hands on the floor
pray for a beautiful tomorrow like some prophets of the old
and all the songs we've sung and all the sorrows we underwent
it is all going around,coming back around,it has no end.

Poetry by Eva
Read 860 times
Written on 2009-07-29 at 15:20

Tags Life  Poetry 

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