it smells like death

The Diamond Dignity hidden in the Syringes

We have seen you long ago
you were dancing, singing and laughing
long down the venue where jesters dance
long down the streets where you had your first crush
lovers, beds and empty sheets
some empty days that filled the gaps
ended up being past memories.

She is tangled up in her sheets
and her blanket cannot cover her cold body
it is hard to hold a memory
she says
she says...
she mumbles words
"my cousin is heroin
my sister is cocaine
and my father is sir LSD...

My cousin drinks my veins
my sister is laying me down my bed
and inject some energy in my corpse
some temporary joy
my veins are up the wall
like posters, what posters are you talking about?
we have forgotten about it all

My father rapes me every day
and my brains are shattered,spattered
My father is too tiny to destroy me, my friend
he is a white little pill
underneath my bed
the monsters
the monsters...
Eat my lungs and drink down my health
my lovers
which lovers?...

My lovers are sometimes big, sometimes small
they hold monkeys and dogs and cats
and beautiful roses and needles
and spoons
they are white
they are never wreaking havoc
their breath does not smell like turmoil
they knock on my door
and my family
my cousin my sister and my dad
always show them the way to my room
they are losing it,sometimes...

We make love
and the window is open, but we cannot feel the breeze
we are lying among pills and empty bottles
my family
my family...
is always present when I make love
Ghosts are on the walls
and my blood is cold
I feel the winter
or is it summer?
oh sister....

Sister, sister, white death
lead me to my fate again
and I pray
I pray...
who is going to save me?
my bones are thin and my bed is empty
my vodka is dead and my phone is off the hook
they call to ask me to star in some odd plays
I am myself
and among my fingers syringes slide
dirty, we are all dirty
and we smell death
we cannot sleep because you kill our dreams
we cannot hold on and we consume pills
you kill and we kill ourselves
-we have dignity,sir, we are going to kill ourselves!-
our fingers bleed
and you close your eyes
we smell like urine to you
we have death and we smell like it
walking corpses

Why did you make me say all of that?
Lead me back to my family
I want to sleep...
but they will hunt me down there
and kill what's not dead yet..."

Poetry by Eva
Read 1034 times
Written on 2009-07-29 at 21:22

Tags Drugs  Death  Suicide 

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