You're in love with an angel
how am I gonna measure up to that
I who on my forhead have horns

Sharp claws tear
in love thin as air
and my trust tangled in your hair

The necklace snaps
when you put your hands around my neck
pearls fall from the sky

as I'm called home from the earthly life

Words by Natalie
Read 943 times
Written on 2006-02-10 at 12:07

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Zoya Zaidi
This is just awesome!!!!
Natalie, it is just FANTASTIC!

"and my trust tangled in your hair"

Love, this line, there is something so infinitely beautiful abaout this line!

(((((((Hugs Natalei dear for this beautiful write!))))))

Love, xxx, Zoya

great poem!! i really liked it a lot!!!
amber lynn

Rik The PoetBay support member heart!
A dark temptress all those who trespass beware.

Good stuff - love it

I'm in love with this poem!

kip know Natalie, i have read this so many times and i would read it again...sometimes the feeling of inadequacy grasps us and this poem just opens my mind to those times when i felt i wasn' t good enough or i dint measure up... lovely piece...