Love Let Go

I still feel the love
That I once gave to you
But you no longer want it
So what am I to do

I don't want to release it
It feels trapped in my heart
If I hold on too long
It may tear me apart

I can feel my heart searching
For somebody new
To transfer these feelings
That are really for you

But I know if I let it
It would be a mistake
So what should I do
With this torturing ache

I guess all that is left
Is to sit and to wait
And hope these wounded feelings
Will soon, abate

Poetry by Bella738
Read 1073 times
Written on 2009-09-13 at 04:33

Tags Heart  Love  Lost 

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Sometimes you can read someones poetry,and you just sit back and go,,,sigh,,sounded like I wrote that....a very moving ,,touching and heartbreaking write for I understand about love and losing when,the one you love,you know you cant have,,,even when you feel there is always that one chance.but realistically you know its over....Love is complicating and love can be the most rewarding....but love always finds another heart to mend and comfort and bloom for new beginnings to come