this flowed as the leaves blew passed by window

Seasonal Reflection

chilling air, breeze that blows

falling leaves of last repose

acorns drop while squirrels delight

harvest moon soothes the night

you and I 'neath that moon

once upon a time did spoon

but now the years have quickly passed

and I alone await winter's blast

cold and white as my hair has turned

fingers and toes frozen burn

no one to hold me close to warm

while time marches indeed to harm

what was young and dear-- a sweetheart's bliss

now bent and chilled by autumn's kiss

in the hours that may not be

my heart goes out to my love, tis thee.


Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 625 times
Written on 2009-10-03 at 05:04

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melanie sue
Kathy, OMG! This is a masterpiece with the power to move one to tears, as I now am. Most definately bookmarked. This is beyond excellent. Thank you so much for sharing your heart and talents. It is a pleasure to read your work. ~hugs

Phyllis J. Rhodes
So sadly sweet. Another masterful effort. The mood is set perfectly. The flow, carries the reader along without a bump or jerk. I got lost in the poem becoming the lamentator, even feeling aches in my hands and heart. So, so good.

Summng up Autumn beautifully, but I feel your chill of sadness running through it.

Oh! I do love this one Kathy. You are one in a million my friend. I love it and you.

Reasonable selections

august, around halloween and january with the sun and ice are almost calm and similar
when the leaves break (no not the levee break, that's a LZ song) out in a painter's panorama of colors I think Hitchcock's The Trouble with Harry shows that time the best, said the moviebuff

Be well,

I always find the period after the leaves have fallen, but before the snow the bleakest and hardest of seasons. This poem says it well.