I am dreaming again...

To My Illusive Love

I have seen you in the distance
And felt the breath of your essence
Carried upon the mist that divides us.

I have heard you calling my name
Muffled in the silence of the dew
That moistens my lips as I kiss your voice

I come in the morning looking for you
As I awake from dreams filled with wanting.
I am the silhouette standing alone and naked.

Do you see me as I see you?

Do you hear me as I hear you?

My illusive love, I yearn for your touch
I desire the sweetness of your mouth
The strength of your arms around me.

Your tenderness envelops me in my longing
Your gentleness comforts me in my sadness
Your eagerness excites me in all my desires

Oh, let this mist rise so that we may find our happiness
As we lie upon the sun-filled meadow in our delight
Finally meeting face to face, body to body, soul to soul.

Let no other part us
For we are one in the beauty
Of our love






Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 634 times
Written on 2009-10-04 at 23:06

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Ah, most certainly the very stuff of dreams and high romance!!

Nils Teodor The PoetBay support member heart!
Wonderful words!
They touch my heart.

Amna Ehsan
Oh, what an expressions dripping poem!!
love the way you've let the tranquil but composed feelings an egress so well margined in every way!!

simply beautiful

J. E.
I love it. Nothing more to say.

Beautifully written Kathy! Indeed love from the ladies point of view, but it is great as is love making. I love both the poem and well you know. Damon

Beautiful dreams pressed upon pages of escaping to find that love of ever afters to keep on going and going like the energizer bun bun!!Beautiful write,only a Mommakac can bring such beauty to the screen!!
love u


Definitely a dream you want to come true, lovely ethereal feel to it, so much longing.

melanie sue
Oh, this is another exquisite poem! You must be on a roll, Kathy. This is really good stuff! It suites my tastes, anyway. I LOVE IT!

A beautifully dreamy love poem kathy! Like floating on a pink fluffy cloud.

Smiling at you