You are a concrete person, no mistake,
although I mainly see you from behind,
where none the less your beauty fills me
overwhelmingly with joyfulness delirium
and repletes my life with lovely dreams
of love that promises eternal continuity,
for such is beauty's force and influence,
more strong than anything on earth,
especially when clad in weakness and humility.
Thus am I sneaking constantly up from behind to you
to never let you go out of my love
that keeps caressing, worshipping and cherishing you
in fondest sweetness indefatigably,
keeping up that soft delirium
never to diminish
but to on the contrary forever grow;
for there is no more reliable long term expansion
than the labour of untiring love.

Poetry by Christian Lanciai The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 392 times
Written on 2009-10-05 at 09:57

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