"all romantics meet the same fate some day, cynical and drunk, and boring someone in some dark cafe"
this poem is highly cynical, and for that I appologize, but I still like it.

Last time I saw richard was detroit in 68...

Wouldn't it be great,
that perfect soulmate
who offers a permanent release?

Wouldn't it be fun,
two souls fused as one,
and living in joy and in peace?

I know that I'm young
And I've only begun
but I've got 2 years already under my belt

And all that I've gained
was two years of pain
you wouldn't believe the shit that I've felt.

I said it was love,
that was sent from above!
Oh, what a fool was I.

I just thought that pain
was part of the game
And it was perfectly normal to cry.

But the tears they kept flowing,
Showing no signs of slowing,
Throwing my resolve all askew.

And the truth began showing
through the tears, still ongoing
I was now knowing what I had to do.

So now, my friends,
I'll skip ahead to the end,
You all know how this chapter goes

Harsh words were spoken,
two hearts now left broken,
As I'm sure that most of you know.

So now you may see
How I came to be,
so cynical, jaded, and mean.

the loving was rough
And the pain was too tough
I'm sorry if I'm appearing obsene

I don't mean to suggest
That I forgot all the rest,
I cant deny the good times I had

they were some of the best
but pain makes them digress,
and all I can remember is the bad

I'm sure love exists
but with experiences like this
love and happiness seem too hard to find.

But I'm sure that one day
true love will come my way
And I can put all this cynicism behind

But if that day comes
you wont see me become
another flowery love-struck youth.

I wont proclaim my "true love"
shouting from rooftops above,
such behaviour to me seems uncooth.

I'll admit that, yes,
that I acted like this,
but relationship-wise, it was my first

I mean it started off great,
but then love turned to hate
it just took a turn for the worse.

So now I believe
that there's no guarantee
that true love will last forever,

Nobody can know
how tomorrow's gonna go,
So I learned to never say never.

what I'm trying to say,
is that things can go either way
it can turn out good or it can turn bad

just don't always assume
or you'll fall to your doom
dont judge your future from the experiences you had

I learned to never say "we'll never be apart"
but also to never say " I'll never mend this broken heart"

Poetry by Sparks
Read 742 times
Written on 2009-11-25 at 19:22

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