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I wrote this poem for a great guy I happened to meet. He's brilliant. I met him with friends, got his number, and called in on Valentine's Day to ask him to be my valentine. This was our first date after several months.

Open-Sesame Eyes

Sitting at a table with the lights all around us
Voices trickle into our universe to remind us
That this is the centre of the world
Our faces take a carousel ride with conversation
Your smile charts the frequency of your imagination
I need no further spur

He showed you a past life you don't want to tell me
This friend of yours, Charles, saying things that compel me
To feel quite satisfied
For now my thoughts hang before us, dangling from words I've spoken
And considering these sketches like paintings you've smoothly awoken
The sleeping pulse of nudity pride

One-thirty in the morning, muse the romance of glances
Charles slipped away ages ago and you're weighing your chances
Let's just say I wore black for the white...
clothes on your body, lain back in your seat, electricity...
flowing along the yin yang circuit, day night synchronicity
Zoom out at the picture; two beings gazing on in delight

Fantasy; nothing but the sound of your voice
Yet the chatter and tinkling; glitter reflected on the Rolls-Royce...
moment driving onward, driving us
Another drink, no, and you've hardly sipped yours
Strange, no vodka, bathroom visit, akward moment, stand up or look at others pause
Zoom in; the feeling here, in between our eyes, is so plush!

Pleasant and weird to be this delighted
Mirror grins reflect to the infinity sighted
By your 'open heart, open sesame! ' eyes
My mind fills with the constellation, tracing the dots of thoughts where my eyes follow
And these arms and legs and body in black tuned to you will surely go
Up where 'we we're gonna get so high...'
and time flies.

Natasha Ashwe (23.09.2005)

Poetry By Natasha
Read 996 times
Written 2007-02-16 13:46

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Zoya Zaidi
Quite a unique fantasy poem, Natasha!
Welcome to the bay!
Love, Zoya

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