English Rhyme version of Calins beautiful (I'm biased but anyway) poem "Gryningsskymning" with the undertitle D.Lama in my hand and LordParzifal in my soul http://www.poeter.se/viewText.php?textId=898587

Dawningsgloaming (Calin)


In the flame-coloured gleam from the sky
the green of the open forest meadow shine
and moisture as of it's own light:
as of it's own mirage,
as of a bewildering memory of the day.

The trees and the grass heave up to drink the light
before the shadows, the stillness comes and the night.
The confused warble from a bird spreads clear and vibrant
cool drops in the silence
and the sea's roaring surge descends
into an echo of an enlarged whispering

(Calin 03/05/09)

LPWJ eng version 16/09/09

Poetry by LordParzifal
Read 1019 times
Written on 2009-09-16 at 15:43

Tags Nature  Inspiration  Passion 

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Loved this, seems there's a sense of mystery somehow, I think the last two lines are the sound of the surf breaking gently on the shore and describes it perfectly, I love the sea.

jenks The PoetBay support member heart!
this is beautiful.
the last two lines intrigue me.