We are sitting together

We are sitting together on a bench, you and I

     holding hands.

In my dreams, when you appear there, we are often doing just that

     holding hands.


But I'm awake now looking out my back window

Tiny snowflakes are rushing sideways

Soon this brown grass will be green again

Another spring

Time has never been our ally (nor place, for that matter)

Distance that is in such sharp contrast to what is truly between us


The clamor of the morning has begun.

I sit a moment longer here, watching the snow

It is no longer flying

Just tumbling by.

The hand holding dream is fading.

The more I reach for it, the farther it seems.

One day...I attempt to console myself.

I get up and touch the glass.

A snowflake melts on the other side.



Poetry by Gretchen Hunter
Read 832 times
Written on 2009-12-04 at 19:55

Tags Soulmates 

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Rob Graber
"The hand holding dream is fading.
The more I reach for it, the farther it seems."

I very much like the sadly ironic and gentle wit here.

You describe your togetherness with the Gretchen, so serenely. Hands will hold Gretchen, springs to my floating away, mind.

Wonderful work.

Smiling at you


I love the expression that makes the snowflake to actually melt on the other side of the window..it's reaching out and, making a difference in something you wouldn't dare to believe in.. such a beautiful piece of work! Applause

Is this a real dream? I enjoyed reading it very much.