March 15, 1991

As the moon rises over my shoulder
I sense you with me

I turn to catch your glance and
I nearly miss it

Our hands touch
Vaguely remembering each other
From last time

More warmth than I knew possible
In your fingertips
More passion simmering underneath
Than has been felt
In my being

We kiss

At first
I simply need to touch your lips
With mine
I want to feel more
Your lips are sweet
And it's all I can taste
as I

I close my eyes

I dream of us locked
In a powerful
Rain pounds down
Upon our bare skin
As unrelenting as our

In a fervent race
We consume one another
Bound to you
I can't get enough
I would
eat you alive
if I could
There's so much of you to have

Perspiration intermingles
as flesh
warms with
the friction

The heat
burns me
from the inside

I can't stop it
I die
I faint
I fail

Only to open my eyes again
To see you
Kissing me
And watching me
Kiss you

Poetry by Gretchen Hunter
Read 593 times
Written on 2010-01-01 at 22:49

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