You know me
like a habit
or a home
where You've lived
and walked
time and again

You made me
formed me from dust
breathed Your life
into me
looked into my eyes
and were pleased

I'm still a little girl
in Your presence
dancing in my new
pretty dress
wanting you to call me

I still cry
when I fall
over my own
unlaced shoe strings
You've reminded me to
tie so many times
one day, I'll learn

Even if I don't
You'll still pick me up
dust me off
and set me on my way
knowing I will fall
farther down the way
and will need Your
steady, reassuring hand

I was made to fall
but designed to look to You
to help me
so You shine brightly
beyond my bruises

Poetry by Gretchen Hunter
Read 590 times
Written on 2011-05-13 at 08:03

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