*~!~*Sweetest Sin*~!~*

We lay entangled in each other
You place sweet kisses upon my face
So content there within you arms
I relish in the warmth of your embrace
The soft breeze against my neck
With every deep breath that you take
My entire being is renewed
By the love that we make

I look up into your eyes
As on your chest I lay my head
Our souls speak to each other
There's nothing left to be said
And our silent conversation
Lets me know you feel the same
An unspoken affirmation
As our love, we proclaim

I can feel the rhythm of your heart
Now slowly steadying its beats
It's amazing to know
That that heart beats for me
There are no more questions
It's not just a fanciful notion
As our bodies rocked, glided and swayed
As we danced the dance of true love and devotion

It goes so much further beyond physicality.
So much more to it than meets the eyes
It's healing of both my mind and my spirituality
The only truth emanated from all the world's the lies
Our bodies, our hearts, our souls intertwined
Impossible to tell where you end and I begin
The line between lust and love clearly defined
Bringing purity, cleansing this sweetest sin.

Poetry by April S
Read 1290 times
Written on 2008-11-28 at 12:56

Tags Love  Sex  Romance 

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Wow!!!!!!shoe i had to take a deep breath while reading this one girl. Its really beautiful!

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