My Liquid Love Affair

Well I fell in love again
Truly madly deeply
Thought I gave up on men
But then came Johnny
Coat blowing in the wind
Cane in hand
Real sophisticated
A gentleman
But then came Jack
So i sent Johnny walking
Cuz I knew I cud get him back
It would really take nothing
Now Jack Is really old
But we get along just fine
Now and then we kick it
With a bottle of wine
He was always there
And always listened
He schooled me bit
In Tennessee traditions
Countless nights
He would whisked me away
Where troubles are unknown
Such a beautiful place
Then I happened across
This other guy
Just what I needed
Spanish flavor in my life
Jose is the name
Cuervo to be exact
He knows how to have a good time
And there ain't no crime in that
We tossed in a few friends
Took shots of our bodies
Good times, good times
Great memories
But then one night
Jose just couldn't do it
So I called up Jack
And they were both cool with it
So I said,"What the heck!
Let's calls Johnny too!"
In unison they said,
"Babe anything for you!"
"Lets make it a party!"
I said with a gleam
First person invited
Was Jim Beam
Jim decided
To call up Evan
I decided
This party had too much man
I remembered a couple girls
That were once close with me
So over came Jewel Isle and Chelsea
We hung out all night
And all had a ball
And in love with them all
I started to fall
Cuz they're always there
At the end of the day
They know just how
To make everything okay
They stand by me through thick and thin
Never judge or criticize
They're the best a girl could get
No deception, no lies
So imma hold on to this new-found love
The only thing that makes me smile
And never will I get down again
Na imma just get so high!

Poetry by April S
Read 918 times
Written on 2008-07-28 at 00:20

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