Dear Cupid...

Dear Cupid,
How do you do?
Me?I'd be fine if it weren't for you
See I'm writing to express my deepest concern
Exactly how many lessons do you want me to learn?
The butterflies and sh*t are nice at first
But then I gotta remind myself that in the end I'll get hurt
It's inevitable, I just always do
But it's made me stronger, so thanks to you
Thanks for all those nights I was loosing sleep
And for all those promises they just couldn't keep
For the tears I've cried and times I've bled
For the pills I've popped wishing myself dead
And how can I forget, my newest bad habit
Drink after drink...but I'm trying to let go of it
Do you get it now?NO I don't think you understand
The last thing I need is to fall for this man
Maybe this is all fun and games for you
But do you see the kinda shit that you put me through?
You stupid son of a b*tch, I think you like to see me cry
You love to sit back and laugh as I fall for their lies
Don't you? yeah I guess that's what the truth be
You'll just take that f*ckin arrow and just shoot me
But please just leave me be...I can't do this again
After It took so long for my broken heart to mend
Is there really nothing else at all you can do?
Like find yourself a girl and get some clothes too?
I swear you piece of sh*t, you're really pissing me off
Leave me alone I don't wanna be in love
So stop playing these games and let me live my life
Emotion-free and I'll be alright
And if you shoot me with that f*ckin arrow I swear it'll be your last
Ill take each and every one of them and stick them up your ass
P.S. I ..........OW!!............Oh Sh*t
I ain't even got to send this...I've just been hit!

Poetry by April S
Read 1004 times
Written on 2008-08-06 at 09:31

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...damn, girl, you re so good with your writing...

everything about this right blew my mind
this was definatly one of my fav

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Format: 5
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Overall: 5

this poem just made my day!! loved it..I couldn't help to laugh. Very good write Very interesting topic a lovely beginning and catchy end... definitely bookedmarked..PS there was times I also wanted to kill cupid :-)

great work