...sometimes when we dream of things we would do if we had the chance with those we care about, all we can say then is If only we could...

If We Could, You and I

If we could sit and talk
If in a park we could take a walk
If we could face to face and
In one place just spend some time
Some hours of one on one chit n chat
If we could meet and together sit
Forget everything else except each other's being
Side on side for a while just abide
Just you, just me, just us

If we could ride a bus
Where no one else knows us
Just you, just me, just we
Free from all else that exists
From nosy beings and their inquisitive ways
If we were somewhere where no one
expects us to be anything
No man's eye scrutiny poised
Judging our every move, every action
Every sentiment, every word uttered
Every thought

If we, you and I
Could on grass lie
Watch birds and butterflies fly by
Tranquilly traversing light air
Which we all selfishly share
If in an instant we were nowhere
Where only we knew our whereabouts
Only we made merry in a private moment
Devoid of man's annoying prying
Then we would call that bliss

If we, you and I could stand in the rain
Torrential rain, gushes of water pouring,
Droplets trickling down our eager faces
Our eyes into each other stare
As if a common language they share
Close, closer, pause
Anxious, tense, no longer at ease
Kiss in the rain

...The Chairman...

Poetry by kip
Read 1088 times
Written on 2007-09-03 at 15:36

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Gretchen Hunter
the imagery is splendid. i was drawn in to the place where he and i could be alone. all alone with no one else's eyes.
what a beautiful place to visit.

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