a man and his lady, a lady and her man, yin and yang. living is another name of dying.

First Light

Each moment of this velvet twilight
Each ripple with this image of Setting Sun
A drop of scarlet on this gluey current
Bond of Birth being disobeyed by flowing Hades.

O Narcissus, you showed us yourself
How to preserve a kiss with tears
Anyone understands not, let him fall in love first
There's time aplenty for sharing your pyre later.

A kiss, Narcissus, a kiss you gave
With a kiss you pledged your vow
A kiss supreme, like one Isis gifted with
A time when light woos shadow, dove meets crow.

The first light of night is upon your face
Temporary darkness sinks in never-ending blue
Torches burn endless, your decaying perpetual
Like Eternity raped, like the youth of Rah.

Life after life flees, the pantheon remains
Upon the altar I see you
Smiling a smile of queen above the world
Smiling a smile you smile when I kiss you.

Look darling, the sun has already set
You kneeling beside me, your arms around my neck
Both of your wrists are cut open, blood oozes
Rich, thick blood that make the Earth fertile.

Earth made you indebted to her
On your quest, when you rescued the Light
The First Light of night who was captured
The same fugitive lady who was Narcissus' Bride.

Poetry by KissofNemesis
Read 924 times
Written on 2007-03-06 at 12:41

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we must love ourselves before we can love another. this made me think too of killing love, something we all do often. a good poem.