The Feather (erotica)


I draw my feather slowly across your body,
while kissing the landscapes of your legs
I replace the feather with my tongue,
licking each inch of you...luscious
looks that stares deeply into eachothers eyes
a grape fills your little mouth
and a rose mine...shared to you by a kiss
tongues entwined, bodies soon to follow
from the silverplate of wine beside our bed
I lift ice with my mouth, drops I swallow
touching you wherever I can, we're in bliss
from toe to head over your sizzling shapes
melting with cold chills and hot deep thrills
sensation burns
senses vibrates and turns
canopy falls over our warm bodies
rip it to threads and continue our journey over yonder
upon the waves of lust and longings
rapture, ecstasy, fulfillment, joy, we're so wildly wild
as I feel you deep from the inside
I plunge into your soft embrace,
your moist cave, fruity, for me were made
for each thrust I let a petal of the rose you held fall
over your face and blinking eyes til it covers it all
petals shatters as you scream my name
and I lift your hips towards mine
high up in air we fly entwined
like the feather in your shivering first touch
legs around my back, digged-in-deep-nails
right before I fill you and your deepest depths release
and as you swallow me whole....lust in your eyes shines
I touch you there now
where only a woman is all the time.


Poetry by LordParzifal
Read 1182 times
Written on 2009-09-26 at 22:04

Tags Sex  Erotica  Passion 

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omg i cant stop reading

Well it took four attempts to get through this delicious piece of erotic masterful poem in one piece! But I made it through, safely.

You describe love making....................too well!lol


Smiling at your understanding of where woman cum's from.

with a sighhhhhhhhhh

from Tai