An attempt at a spoken word piece. Please read, comment and rate? :]


Age is just a number, and I know I'm young but I believe I feel what you feel. "Ain't so hard to recognize - These things are clear to all from time to time"
I feel like this is a seed, this is the everything-we-need, and through every waking hour the leaves uncurl and the roots of something bigger than ourselves unfurl, making their way through my veins, my heart beats like a speeding train, feeding this creation that flowers in my brain, creating a scent that only you can smell. Because its perfume is built on the love we know so well. And branches escape through every pore of my skin, reaching to let you in, searching for your grin. I want your heart to beat in time with mine, want the shine in your eyes to sing the harmony that words can't define. I want my empty flowers to be met with the lonely bees searching for their lovers, carried on the breeze on the chance that they'll bring a part of you on their wings. And that I can bear the fruit of this union built on such a rocky shore.
"You are the sunlight in my growing. So little warmth I've felt before."
Romance built on a frail chance, but after that first dance, first glance, I knew, I know, that you, could make this seed inside grow. "And I know, that I love you so."

We are built for the creation of the next generation. To keep this nation alive with the formation of one, from the combination of two. It's the goal that every living creature pursues. All that I've learnt from biology are these physical theologies, well thought out scientific verities, but with no sincerity. No explanation for the love behind each creation. For the elation between two lovers. But they only explain the mechanical workings of what happens beneath the covers. We're shipwrecked on the idea that everything needs to make sense. That we can condense millions of years into textbooks and classes, into exams for the masses. I want to be educated in the subject of your smile, on the little things that make life worthwhile. I want to learn about this emotional seedling, I wont mind doing the reading for this feeling unheeding the textbook definitions. I want to learn about the omissions from those pages, the feelings free from those cages. "Speak to me with only your eyes". And I will learn the language. I want to study each pore of your skin, I want to learn the theories of your limbs. The stories from within. Teach me this love, I want to know, "I need to know" what to do to help this seed grow.

Poetry by Sparks
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Written on 2010-02-17 at 02:38

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