Virgo is my moonsign Gemini my sunsign.

Sleep Eludes Me


Sleep eludes me
life dost not
Lady Moon
is caressing and comforting
and the rest she brings is enough
in my sign of Virgo
I look at the stars like tiny small dots
and know they are planets of an era that would not be
Glad to be alive
and for all I got
it was much more than I thought would be
and yet not
'cause all I got I had dreamed of
and yet not
'cause all she got I always said is too good to be true
so why when my future's brightened in multifold
do I have to think about the obvious
that a lady like her can not in life alone walk
I am truly glad she accepted me and I thought
this is a dream, but it were not
I live by her lead, as always I oblige
and are thankful for thee
and that you too of me not think otherwise
I am glad to be near you and would til the end
as the time slips by you might cherish me more than a friend
Sleep eluded me
life didst not
Lady Night
I caress and comfort
and the rest she brings is enough
in her sign of Scorpio
I see the stars as nearer my window now
I hear the crickets sing in summer
I see the first snow fall
I hear my lady call:
"Sleep eludes thee, my dear one."


Poetry by LordParzifal
Read 1160 times
Written on 2009-09-26 at 21:28

Tags Night  Romance  Love 

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Such gloriously romantic poetry dear Virgo rising in a Gemini poet! such poetry that the sweetest dreams are made of...

I floated!lol

Smiling at you

Tai, big style...