I had a crush on Ozzies chic.She means everything to me right now.


Sounds of gravel under heavy tires
Teasing the silence of little house in the
Bushes and surrounding of wild flowers
Open my exotic fear
Someone behind those bushes has captured
My reviving heart
Warialda here I come
Tell me if the Kangaroos and Koalas
Are in love with you too
Summer in December
Would deliver
Me to you
Cockatoo would say
'I love you too'
Forget about others
I don't give a damn
Say you love me
Say 'I do'
Together we storm
The desert highway
Of New South Wales
Right to Grafton
The place we would be
Pictures of Great Barrier Reef
Silky beaches of Gold Coast
Are the sketches
We would paint
On our hearts
Colorful as the strokes
Of Michael Angelo
Your tender age
Is the barrier?
Love is blind they say
The bush lands
The wild flowers
And the girl
Named Trystal
You're the crystal
In me
And glowing

Poetry by Sulaiman
Read 770 times
Written on 2008-09-18 at 16:33

Tags Gotcha  Loafya  Missedya 

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