I dedicate this poem to Rebecca for all the love and smiles.

whisper to the breeze

The sun set trickled through the streets
Ancient zephyrs tickled trees
She lay beside me softly dreaming
I whispered to the ancient breeze

My whispers searched the coldest hearts
They searched the depths of many tears
They searched beyond the human realm
To fall upon a fairys ears

Her wings were like a fluttering love
Her voice was like a sea of dreams
She danced and sung her joy was pure
My whispers intervened

Come my Queen of folk so fair
Return with me to where I came
For war and death have seized the day
Yet love im sure can still be claimed

They travelled through the rancid thoughts
They travelled through the empty minds
The time you felt a tingle last
They travelled down your spine

As the waning moon was high
I heard a voice so sweet and light
Is this the Queen I whispered for
The queen of love and dream delights

Indeed it is she said to me
your whispers found me in the deeps
So now your love can know she's loved
Every time your lover sleeps.

Poetry by chester.p
Read 898 times
Written on 2007-02-25 at 22:53

Tags Love 

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