~The Fire~

Love is a fire between two in love
to burn there forever
to be cared for by their lovecoven vow
As in dark early ages following the stars above
to the restingplace for two
then their nightly lovecave fire grows
Love is an arrow sometimes stray from Love's bow
lucky or in a lovecurse
sometimes joy sometimes sadness flow
Aye let us not talk of bad things, tonite is not of sorrow
as I see you on the other side, my nightly lovedove
of these flames lying waiting pretending to sleep til tomorrow
Sharing the blanket the nature around us saw
what has been the climax of life
since the first day of earth and what we tasted happily now
the sounds of nature is nature's nightgown
Looking into the fire seeing it's glow
rising higher into small sparkling flames
as a message and sign from us and to us looking together in awe
the fire is well taken cared of so is our love's seeds sown
of this night starry and bright
a moment in time captured forever, our eyes into eachother with love sinks low
to sleep together as one, after rainy days awaiting the sun
whether a boy or a girl we'll call the child...Rainbow

Poetry by LordParzifal
Read 902 times
Written on 2009-09-18 at 17:08

Tags Love  Passion  Lovers 

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