This poem was made awhile back, i think i went through it to remove most mispellings, but i have a migraine at the moment, and need to get some rest. hope you all enjoy/get something from this.

my words stuter, while my heart fluters

this is hard for me to say
it may even take me all day
i've said that before
and i know that it's hard to hear it even more
sometimes when i stutter
when you ask of things that might make my heart flutter
i can't say them, because i think maybe you will hate it
sometimes i think it's because you may know it
but you ignore it
sometimes when i say nothing,
it's because it's to hard to say it to you
after all thats happend, and the judgement
i don't want anymore,
i don't want to be called
another name in hate
i don't want another hope lost
because it was at happiness's cost
ask me that question again
what is it that makes
my heart flutter and my words stuter
ask me again, and it maybe alittle easier
maybe action is the best way for satisfaction
but i still need time, even if i have to write them out in rhyme
a poem just so you will know.
my heart flutters for these things
and my words they stutter because if i lose my fantasys,
they're nothing compared to what you mean to me

Poetry by Gothic geisha
Read 1053 times
Written on 2007-08-26 at 13:39

Tags Heart  Stuter  Words 

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