If only this valentines happend to me but sometime somewhere..... out there

A girls dream of a perfect Valentine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Evreyone paired up
But some only not
Hearts above their heads
As they walk past those who are sitting there all alone there heart hanging by a thread
Wishing someone would come along on this specail day
Her mind going "yay."
When she notices him sitting by her with a note saying
"Be my Valentine
I love you so
Please dont go
You are my sun
That shines on the lake
Making a masterpeice."
She simply smiles while holding his hand
Knowing somewhere, sometime he will come and sit with you saying "I love you"

Poetry by Courtney Marie Marion
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Written on 2009-02-12 at 03:47

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karly Brock
Courtney, I absolutely love this poem!
You hit it right on the head!!