Remembering a dear, crazy, once close friend. (I have corrected some spelling mistakes, including a hopeless sentence, which made no sense - though it was about nonsense:) "I do miss your enthusiastic compassion for a good talk of nonsense." Changed!

I do miss you at times...


You know, sometimes I miss you.

Say something stylish
something carefully pronounced

say something
stunningly utterly perfect
that you'd have to explain, over and over
which I know that you enjoyed as much as I did

We were a nice pair of besser-wissers
and it was good fun!

I miss our verbal bounzing up and down
and I forget - it ended

I even miss the way we'd let each other fall apart
so generously understanding each others faults
in sharing different obsessions all the time

The way you'd explain math to me
and I'd understand the beauty
by the sparkles in your eyes
though I didn't get a word
I was lost in primes for two years because of that
while you sat occupied with some new radio frequency


I think it all fell apart when we tried tango as a dance

We should never have done that
remember sex was pure fantasy to us

but rare


I do miss you at times
your words and your whiskey & cigarette voice

Now I have forgotten
how to distinguish between whisky and whiskey
and I do miss that kind of stupid knowledge

Yes. I do miss our games!

I do miss your enthusiastic passion
for a talk about idiotic things!

We kept each other sort of going
for quite a long time

and then tangoed off
step by step

it all ended in this nasty pose
it all began as poetry

like "wear that dress for me"


(...there's a train, there's a train, there's a train...)

Poetry by Channah
Read 583 times
Written on 2006-02-16 at 02:12

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theres tears in my eyes,i like this,its beautiful.

Touches a chord somewhere,nice write keep it up.