Thanks to , Zoya ( Zaidi ) , who sent me her response to a poem of mine. This is inspird me to write this. Thank you dear, Zoya , hugs , D)


The tunnel were were dark , inky black ,

Fear filled my very being ,

No way back , I could hear it collapsing ,

Behind me , bricks , splashing in to ,

Walters of my despair ,

I herd whispering all around me ,

Could not make out a single word ,

My fear's grew ,

The silence so heavy , apart from ,

The inaudible whispering ,

My boots cared me on ,

On automatic , trying not to think ,

How I wonted to just lay down ,

Curl up like a baby , goo to sleep ,

To never wake up ,

All around it were so dark , no , black ,

I tried to keep my head up , my eyes , mind ,

Keep my future, in focus ,

Tears now of fear filled my eyes , ran down my cheeks ,

My boots kick something , it squeaked , a rat I think ,

Waiting for me to fall , lay down , on I went , stumbling ,

As I went on , memory's , regrets came back to haunt me ,

Then I managed to lift my head , throue my ferfull eyes ,

I saw a light , it were not to bright , it flicked ,

Like a glow-worm ,

I perked up a bit , my mind , my eyes , had something ,

To something to walk to ,

Well I made my way to that light ,

Behind the light were a figer , of a woman , man , or child ,

I could not tell , seamed all three in that one spectre ,

Now tears of relieve , flooded from me ,


You have saved me from the dark ,

What's , your name? Who are you?

The stranger , smiled ,

''My name? '' , ''who am I?'' ,

''Why do you ask?'' , ''do you not recognise me?'' ,

''Have you forgotten me? ''

''For I am hope , my friend ''.

The Dyslexic Poet

Ken D Williams

Poetry by ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2009-12-12 at 10:31

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Beautiful write Ken

I was transfixed, filled with a suspence too close to my own heart for words to express.

Smiling at you

looking always towards hopes light


Zoya Zaidi
Dear Ken, yes, hope floats...
It lifts you up in the hour of despair,
gives you that perfect moment
(when you think that all is lost)
and sustains you through
the impossible times...
and you emerge a victor!


Stan Cooper The PoetBay support member heart! of your best

xxx Stan