I tried to write this in good houma. Did my best to to resort to crudeness. I hope he courses a few smiles. If I have offended any one.Then they do not rely know me and my work.


The internet , hope for mankind ,

The internet puts us in toch with ,

Each other , bridges across the

Globe ,

Gets trough all the shit of propaganda ,

Enables to talk , teach , learn ,

To show we are all human , no horns ,

And such like ,

That we not each others enemy ,

That we shair so much , that we have,

Much in common , a seance of houmer ,

I have a friend in Iran , we laugh at the

Same jokes , no need to emplane them ,

We share the same intrest in history ,

In books and poetry ,

Yet we are supst be enamys , no way can ,

That be so ,

My friend in Iran , asks me to viset ,

My freinds mum keeps asking '' have you asked ,

Your British freind to come? '' '' we would ,

Like to meet him '' ,

''What am I to do ?'' ,

Would I give the Iran regem an excuse to spotlight,

''My friend'' ,

After all I am a citizen of a potential enemy state ,

We are the best of friends , yet those in power ,

Gretist wish is for us to hate each other ,

Well let me tell them all:


The Dyslexic Poet

Ken D Williams

Poetry by ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2009-12-26 at 17:47

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