Walking Away

Baby I can't keep on loving you this way
If loving you is wrong I might as well walk away
I'm so sorry I didn't want to leave you this way
But our love has died and passed away

So I guess this is good-bye
I'm packing my bags promising my self not to cry a single tear
All I want you to know is there is a place for you in my heart
So when you come home to night I'll be long gone

Just know I loved you Intel I couldn't love you no more
You took my love as a game
Now I'll never love no one the same
You gave me a broken heart full of pain and old tears

So now I'm goner than gone
There's no way I'm coming back home with you
My love was abused and misused by you
I hope you wake up and notice how good I was to you

So baby I had no choice but to walk away
Baby I had to leave you
There was no use in loving you
So many times our love went wrong

But I made a promise to my self to be strong
I've put up with this for to long
I probably wouldn't leave you if you didn't hurt me like this
So this is it I said my last good-bye so good-bye love.

Poetry by davon montgomery
Read 759 times
Written on 2010-01-11 at 22:05

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