I started this last June, and got stuck at "Leaving innocent eyes all bleary", then finished it last night.

Remorse of Soldiers

How far these men have come
Guns in hand and backpacks slung
Crossing fields and trudging streams
Living every young boys' dreams

To know the lull is temporary
At any moment strike and parry
Nervous glances, sighs of relief
To hide hard beating hearts beneath

Both brave men and cowards alike
Will fall down if caught by strike
Luck decides who lives, not skill
Not fear of death nor strong will

Cowering under helmets, lowering eyes
All men naive yet all too wise
Death as a child seem so unreal
Now proven by sight, by sound, by feel

Rest for the wicked, dead sleep for the weary
Leaving innocent eyes all bleary
The crack of gunshots all drown out
Whimpering wounded and deaths shrill shout

Look down the sights, what is seen
Two bright orbs that quickly gleam
Put aside all and any doubt
Squeeze of a trigger and the orbs go out

No time for any hesitation
You simply did so for your nation
Yet when that plane lands back at home
Unsettled minds left free to roam

At night when lay they toss and turn
For simple closure all will yearn
When finally eyes close and minds wander
Thoughts of happiness, of joy, are squandered

And when it's time to say goodbye
They'll kiss their loves yet still won't cry
For they will know the reason why
That it's their turn for them to die

Poetry by Paul Vermette
Read 608 times
Written on 2010-01-13 at 18:53

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