our life is a compilation of notes.


I unpage the page
that pages page in page.
page in page.

i , page
you, page
i page, you page.
i page.

page paging age,
paging age.
age paged in page,
paged in page.
age paging page,
paging page.
page paged in age,
paged in age.
page paged.

page paging God in page,
paging God in page.
God paged.
God paging page,
paging page,
This God p...aged .

This God,
paging men in pages,
men paging God,
God paged, men paged.

a page in pages.
paged in paged.

you page.

Poetry by whisperinvoiz
Read 1147 times
Written on 2010-01-18 at 21:03

Tags God  Man  Life 

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Joan Black
A rhythmically organized play of words. Very nice!