two people, a misunderstanding, and a realization that comes to late.

Just everything

"I told you that I love you" I whispered

"... and I told you I don't care" he grunted back.

"I've done everything you have asked of me" I replied softly my voice steadily becoming louder and dripping venom.

"you were willing to do it" he said casually

"Then all of the thing I have done?" I inhaled sharply "were they a test of loyalty? Of bravery?" tears were streaming down my cheeks and he turned away, making me feel ashamed and weak because of them.

"No I was just seeing if you would do them" he said holding no emotion

"oh..." I replied softly

"yeah" he stated it as if it were obvious.

I smiled a small smile. I was wrong I guess. I thought that if just maybe I did what he wanted, made his life a little easier, that he would love me. I straightened and let my smile fall.

"Then I guess I don't mean anything to you" I asked, my voice hardening

"..." he didn't reply

"no you don't mean anything to me" he finally answered. I walked away. I didn't turn back. I didn't hear him

"you don't mean anything... just everything" he voiced softly with a sad smile. There was no response. There was no one there to give it. I was already gone.

Short story by Feiyn
Read 904 times
Written on 2006-02-20 at 18:36

Tags Sad  Love  Misunderstanding 

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Love Knight
I like how it played out. you have an organized talent. I love that flow

Rune Ljungberg
I liked this short intense novel.

Zoya Zaidi
very beautifully expressed senment,
A dialogue, it is like a play!
Conversation so elegently crafted!
I loved the ending!!!!

You are very talented!
Sorry,I missed you uptil now,
Will not do anymore, I promise!


Love,xxx, Zoya