This was inspired by the Winter and the Death she brings Followed by Life Anew in the Spring

Seasons Turn

Round and round we go.
Years End and Years begin.
As the Seasons turn we find Winter ends.
Winter with her Cold chill in the air and Snow covered Mountains begin to though that Hibrinatory Frost.
As Winter looses her Grip on the Earth Spring Starts a new with Budding Leaves of Green, Flowers begin to bloom. April Showers Bring May Flowers thay do say. In Like a Lion out like a Lamb we do find the weather always on the Move while all life begins to stir from it's Winter Slumber. OH To see the Morning do on the Rose buds all so New and Fresh beginnings are as a breath of fresh air in our lungs. As Spring Rolls on Summer begins his Song, All the world is alive and full of Movement. Dear are grazing, Birds a singing. We see all Life in Full swing as The days light grows longer for all Life to bring all things into Fruition. As the Summer Wains the days grow shorter out time is almost through to harvest all that was planted. Move move must finish all that we started in the Spring. Autumn is on it's way this we must not delay get the land ready for Hibranation of our Summer time is short. The warm Sun is tired and finds the sleep more and more as the days grow darker and darker still. As Summer Wains and begins the New Autumn the Days and Night grow ever colder with the Missing Light. The harvest of the Feilds and Meals are all most over. We must find time to think on our year gone by as the Autumn will linger Nigh to long so with a song in our heart we find we begin to long for rest and slumber as does the Light. Long nights and Short days remind of the depths of our souls to which we gaze. Sing that gentle song and remember Spring is on it's way. All Life will start a new.

By Faith Silverwolf

Poetry by Faith Silverwolf
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Written on 2010-02-06 at 23:14

Tags Winter  Seasons  Spring 

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